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Name: Evangeline de Brassard
Canon: Dragon Age
Canon Point: Post-Asunder, Pre-Inquisition; 9:40 Dragon
Age: Thirty-four

History: Link to Dragon Age Wikia

“I don’t like being forced to choose between my duty and what’s right. Knight Commander Eron used to say that a Templar’s duty should always be questioned and that the moment we stopped doing so was when we stopped being Templars.”

Besides having a penchant for quoting role models in her life (Specifically Knight Commander Eron and her father) Evangeline listens and learns from those around her. When she is wrong, she can acknowledge it and does her best to better herself (such as after discovering Cole and the Templars' shortcomings), in this sense she’s very rational. But when she is right and knows where the right choices lie, she is unwavering in seeing things through and standing up for what she believes in regardless of the consequences. She died protecting her beliefs; it doesn’t get much more unwavering than that. This isn’t to say she’s unaware of her limits, but that doesn’t mean she won’t push her chances because that’s what doing her best and her duty means. Although what that duty was, is not something that was always clear to her. At the start of the novel, she struggles with keeping up her orders and finds them unsettling. She was told to kill everyone on their mission to Adamant Fortress should the Right of Tranquility be reversible, in order to silence any possible risings of rebellion the mages could conjure up from this newfound knowledge. At first, Evangeline intends to carry out her orders because they are orders and sees the logic in quelling upstarts. But as their travels progress and time is spent on the small group of mages and herself, she finds her initial orders conflicting with what she believes could be the right thing to do: Pulling up the roots of one possible threat without trial or rationale, vs. considering the conflict with compromise and negotiation. Needless to say, killing four mages she deemed innocent simply so the Templars can have their way in keeping “peace” doesn’t sit well with her. Her doubt only grows stronger after what occurs in the Fade and what she learns of Cole and his troubled past. Finally, although she draws her sword against Pharamond, the cured Tranquil, it becomes not for his success in reversing the Rite but for the lives lost when he tore open part of the Veil (the figurative thing separating Fade from reality). All conflict, however, is delayed and intended to be brought to the Divine to decide. Evangeline is satisfied with not being the one to give judgment. A sort of even ground between sparing the lives of innocents (the right thing) and carrying out her orders (the wrong thing). The determination to veer off from her given orders only grows stronger from there as she finds more and more corruption within the orders given and the Lord Seeker himself. The instances in Adamant Fortress were simply the spark and a powerful one at that.

“It filled her with disgust. They wouldn’t be satisfied until they made the mages bleed, and would feel completely justified doing it.”

Placing judgments upon others, however, there she holds some hesitation. Evangeline takes no joy from hurting or having to draw her sword against others, that much is evident. And although she will do what she must, she avoids fatal punishments when possible and leaves the decisions up to a higher power (Pharamond and Cole being prime examples – Pharamond to the Divine, Cole to the Lord Seeker). If able, she won’t bite until bitten (so to speak) and will wait until others show hostility before she strikes (Jeannot’s attempt on the Divine’s life, for example), but all the while she holds a level of caution. She does not think of herself as the end-all authority figure that most other Templars would deem themselves to be. In this regard, one might even call her humble.

Even when flattered or praised, she takes some pride in what’s said but otherwise, the words seem to go under the rug and an urgency to continue whatever task at hand is put in its stead (Divine’s praise, and Wynne’s for her efforts to do the right thing). When told how pretty she is, even, she seems to let herself have a brief smile or a belittling comment and then slides it away with hardly an answer in response. That doesn't mean she's particularly modest by scooting the compliments aside, it's clear she has a self-awareness of her accomplishments and capabilities, just as well as the respect deserved to her. She is merely humble in receiving her praise.

Despite being a warrior with a clear-cut morale and sense of duty, she is much softer around the edges of her armor than one might think. She can relax and joke around quite a bit (with the Templar exterior coming and going quickly and easily). She even goes so far as joking about blood magic with Rhys without batting an eyelash. She’s sarcastic at times and free eye rolls to those who deserve them (Adrian specifically), but blunt and impatient when tried (She doesn’t put up with much bullshit-again, see Adrian). For the most part, she keeps her opinions to herself; Templars overhear a lot, she doesn’t feel that intruding or interrupting others is any way to go about her duties (to call her observant is more part of the duty aspect of her personality than its own thing). In fact, there are several instances where the mages she’s traveling with assume she’s overheard their conversations when she was actually busying herself with something else and providing them their privacy. But otherwise, it’s a matter of how comfortable she is with someone for the Templar-duty-driven exterior to come down. Regardless of who, however, she shows mercy when befitting and is a compassionate and a forgiving person when possible. If she respects someone or values them then she’s as loyal and caring as it comes, if she thinks one a fool, however, don’t expect much because she won’t be giving an inch (this includes authority figures – Divine who she shows respect to, and Lambert who she calls insane).

“Templars guard the mages, remember? Even if it’s from themselves. I may not believe in the order, but that doesn’t mean I stopped believing in what we stood for.”

Setting: Dragon Age is dark medieval fantasy. There's magic, dragons, darkspawn, demons, and other pesky concerns in day to day life when the skies aren't being torn apart from above or the ground from below. Science is behind, with heavy beliefs in the balancing of humors should magic be rejected for a cure. The dwarves are good with gears and crossbows, lacking magic at their disposal. But that is about as futuristic as Thedas gets.

Needless to say, Evangeline's mind is going to be blown by Thisavrou. Luckily, she's rational and accustomed to having things she doesn't understand being thrown at her. She'll take it in stride and ask questions upon questions until it feels more like an interrogation than a simple information gathering. Suspicion will be a given, at least at first, until she learns more of things and grasps what is around her. After the first hurdle of how, what, when, where, why is managed, however, it should be fairly smooth sailing.

Abilities/Skills: From having trained in swordplay since a child, first with her father informally and then eventually within the Templar Order, Evangeline is no one to be trifled with in combat. She is skilled enough with a sword, although she is no master. Even when disarmed, however, she holds a level of competence and resourcefulness (her fight against Jeannot which turns into a magic/fist fight). Her specialty (unlike any warrior option given in the games) is a one-handed sword without a shield. Instead of a shield she often uses herself physically as a shield (armor has its uses, okay) or barriers she is able to create through her Templar talents. Unfortunately, such barriers are useless against non-magical attacks.

As a Templar (although the novels are more loose in presented abilities, the link provides a more grounded definition) Evangeline specializes in repelling and thwarting magical spells and manifestations. Within the novel she is able to drain mana from mages simply by touching them while ceasing spells simultaneously or briefly cutting off their flow of mana. She can create barriers to repel spells as well as decently sized areas to dispel magical effects.

Templars are able to accomplish these feats effectively due to the assistance of consuming lyrium. The setback to this is it becomes addicting and without a regular intake (depends on the individual but Evangeline needs a vial every week to every other week) the Templar can suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms that eventually lead to insanity. Yet lyrium addiction is not the sole weakness. Even with full plated heavy Templar armor she is still only human and is thus very squishy. She burns, bruises, and bleeds just like the next guy. Perseverance and willpower can only take one so far.

It is wise to note, however, that Evangeline has died and is now possessed by a Spirit of Faith (as mentioned in the history). Being a Templar and not a mage, however, it is unclear what effects the spirit has upon her beyond simply keeping her heart beating. She has neither a way to sense the spirit nor any way to communicate with it, however, she is fully aware that it’s there and she owes her life to it (and to Wynne).

Please note: While Evangeline is often not the first to strike unless there appears to be imminent danger, should things ever come to blows particularly with a mage-type character I will always request permission to use her Templar abilities beforehand. Hopefully, it never comes to that but she's been wrong about such wishes before.

+ Level-headed, fair, resolute in beliefs
- Mildly sarcastic, defiant to authority if she considers them unworthy
+ Unafraid to question orders vs. moral duty
- Possessed by a spirit of Faith (spirit keeps her alive, dead without it)
+ Quick to react, draw her sword – though tries to avoid using it
- Addicted to lyrium
+/- Observant and equally skeptical (as the Templar do)

1x Templar armor
1x sword
2x vials of lyrium
1x piece of parchment, stained.

Network Sample:
[Upon the screen flickers on the image of a woman with black hair and a full set of armor with a sword engulfed in flames engraved at its center. The camera is set at an awkward angle and some adjusting takes place, but it's clear someone has at least done their research on the device before them. Once in better focus, the expression given is one of incredulity before it eases into a more friendly demeanor.]

I think I've exhausted those clearly assigned to be of assistance, just as well as the passersby. To those who have been of help thus far, thank you. I believe I have finally asked enough for now if this does, in fact, work as I was told it would. Although, if it is doing what I have been reassured, [there's a tired sigh,] then there is still a great deal I don't understand.

[She manages a lighter smile. Her tone gives little joy, however, and holds a serious air with her words carefully considered.]

Assuming it is working, however, I am Ser Evangeline de Brassard, Templar previously of the White Spire [She pauses in consideration if there is more to say on that matter, but with only a moment she moves on.] I realize titles likely mean little here, but should it to anyone I would encourage working together if a way to return is to be discovered.

To any others similarly displaced, know that I will do what I can to assist you just as well.

[Her demeanor visibly relaxes just as well as her smile.]

Thank you.

Prose/Action Sample: The explanations provided were thin things, a sheet of ice over top a lake in autumn. They covered just enough to convince most it might be safe until tested. Evangeline considered many things; beyond that, there could be lies, or that this was an elaborate dream. But very few things of what she knew gave sense to any of this. So, her questions continued. She did not bother asking the one who offered answers but instead went to those who didn't.

For the next few hours, she wandered purposefully asking anyone who gave her even a moment or a glance an array of questions she had, many of them the same for each person who passed to provide her the time. To her surprise and some dismay, most of what was said remained the same. Where she was, a guess of how she got there, what was intended and its purpose, even how she might return home. Either all had been fed the same lie, or it was, in fact, the truth. Neither of those possibilities sat well with her in full. A lie might have been easier to swallow, easier to hope to find a better answer. The truth, however, was a showing that she was more over her head than she initially thought with barely an understanding for even her surroundings. This was not Thedas and lights were not made of glowstones or fire and waxes. It was a frustrating start.

With the last person, she stopped to question they mentioned something idly that left her digging through her pockets as they departed on their way. It was the small device given to her. She didn't understand it outright. It seemed like a smooth polished stone that weighed little more than a stack of parchments. There was some preliminary explanation of it, she recalled, but little had made much sense to her, and in truth, she had more things on her mind than the uses of a small trinket. Now, that logic was being reconsidered. She tapped the trinket in the palm of her gauntleted hand until she saw another down the hall. Eventually, Evangeline might have walked up to someone in casual greeting, but for now, she only had more questions in mind.

((OOC Note: As a novel-only character with one measly appearance in a mobile side game (that doesn't follow the physical description given in the book) I'll be using Jaimie Alexander as Lady Syf in Marvel's Thor and other related series as her PB. If this is at all an issue, please let me know. I would be more than happy to speak with the Marvel cast ahead of time, if need be. Thank you very much!))


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